We Find & Maximize Vault Strategies

Automatically find and deposit funds in the best performing vaults in the market at any given time

The APY Food Chain Explained

Level 4

Vaults Aggregator

Aggregator of layer 3 strategies. This layer does not create its own trading strategies but rather relays funds to layer 3 services.

Level 3


Handles asset management using DeFi strategies: vaults providing yield farming strategies to optimize usage of the different DeFi services and farming rewards.

Level 2


Handles liquidity incentivization: yield farming over base assets for further rewards.

Level 1

Lending & Dex

Lending and swap protocols are the corner stone of the DeFi space. They generate revenue by distributing the swap/borrowing fees between the liquidity providers.

Don’t know where to put your funds? We got you!

Did you ever ask yourself, where should I put my funds today to get the best returns? This is the question we answer at Revault

Discover the best vaults

Revault indexes every vault in the market and brings you the top results for any asset at any given time

Select the top one

For each search we return the top 5 results

Deposit your funds

Deposit your funds in the #1 vault and maximize your APY

Don't have the time to chase the market for better APYs? We got you!

Don’t have hours and hours to find and learn about new DeFi projects and services? We maintain and optimize your position 24/7

24/7 Monitoring

Revault is taking care of your positions for you 24/7, making sure they are always at optimum

Notification Alerts

If we find a better vault for your asset, we will alert you!

Switch to a Better Vault

With one click you can move your funds from your existing vault to the better one

No More Tricky Calculations

We take care of all the fee & withdrawal calculations to make sure such a switch is profitable for you

Supported Networks

BNB Chain


We are building the first cross-chain, automated, vault aggregator and optimizer. This is how we are going get there




Strategic seed round

Complete 2 security audits

Pre-sale 1.25% of the total supply for 735 BNB

Valid Network Partnership




ILO Event - with Poolz, Lightning, and DAOmaker

Liquidity locking on pancakeswap - lock the raised funds from pre-sale and ILO with another 2.5% of the total supply for 2 years

Beta launch supporting 3 vaults: Autofarm, Beefy, Bunny and 6 positions: BNB, BUSD, CAKE, BNB-CAKE, BNB-BUSD, CAKE-BUSD

Trustwallet, WalletConnect,

Add BTCB ETH and correspondence BUSD and BNB LPs support

Acryptos integration

Valid Network security score widget integration




Expanding to Fantom blockchain

Support more assets: DAI, MIM, USDC, FTM

Integration with Orbs L3 Guardians

Select vault feature

REVA utility - TVL rewards are caped by REVA holdings * 100

Finalize Immunifi $250k bug hunting campaign

Investment Committee establishment

Marketing partnership with Quantum Economics

Marketing campaign in South Korean Market

CEX listing




Expansion to Avalanche blockchain

Support more assets: AVAX and correspondence LPs

Revault Search Bar widget

Partnership & Integration of notification app for Revaults events

Launch Revault School Podcast

Syrup like campaign on AVAX biggest DEX

Liquidity bonding integration (expanding farming and adopting OlympusDAO liquidity model)

Security Score rebalancing




Expanding to Polygon blockchain

Support more assets: MATIC and correspondence LPs

Investment engine and yield bearing ETFs

CEX listing

Partnership with centralized exchange/fund/wallet to introduce their users to DeFi opportunities

Revault centralized APR indexer and yield analysis widget

Withdrawalif feature - Withdraw if certain conditions are met (execution on top of Orbs open DeFi notifications)




Expanding to Ethereum + Arbitrum

Support more assets: Eth and Arbitrum supported assets based on TVL

Cross chain rebalancing for stablecoins

Move Revault protocol treasury ownership to community

Community meetup

Revault search bar widget (input: asset, output: best vaults [APY, TVL, Security score, blockchain]

Stable vault (expand BUSD vault to support USDT, USDC, and DAI) as initial infrastructure for cross-chain rebalancing reserve (ReUSD)

Auto rebalancing (With Orbs L3 Guardians)